EU officials are looking to set limits to European Autobahns for you guessed it: to help out with Global Warming. This latest idea to limit speed limits on Autobahns has infuriated drivers who "cherish their free driving experience."

The German Environmental minister has taken into account this idea by Mr Stavros Dimas of the Environment Commision. How did he react to it? The German Environmental Minister reportedly showed "little enthusiasm" for this speed limiting idea.

Mr Dimas does have a valid point though ; if speeds were limited there would definitely be a decrease in green house gases resulting in a better environment for the world but would take away a concept that Germany is so well known for would be not right.

Additionally, take into account this fact:

"Each 5mph a car drives over a 60 reduces fuel economy by ten percent"

Evidently, driving slower is also beneficial to the driver’s wallet and for ones automobile. It seems that both the environment and the individual would benefit from such change. A recent survey by Forsa Institute for magazine shows that 60 percent would favor such a limit while 40 percent would not.

In end, my solution for this problem would be to still offer a limited amount of Autobahn Classic style roads while enacting speed limits on roads that are more dangerous to drive. Afterall , we need to sacrifice in order to offer help out with global warming. If some roads were still kept as non limit Autobahn roads then people could still embrace a well known freedom that Europeans have come to love.


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