European debut for Tesla Roadster announced in 2009

2007 Tesla Roadster
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Tesla CEO Ze’ev Drori announced that the Tesla Roadster will hit the European showrooms in Fall 2009. According to Mr. Drori the car, which will be priced under €100,000, will be a big hit especially due to the tax benefits for zero-emissions cars.

The main targets for the car will be countries such as Germany, France, Norway, Denmark and Netherlands. You may wonder why these countries were chosen first, right? It is because all of them are building a recharging network for supporting electric cars. In Denmark for example, the network is built in order to suport the electric cars made by Renault. However, the car will not be available in the United Kingdom because the manufacturer builds for the moment only left-hand-drive cars.

A problem for the success of the vehicle will be the earlier realease of the Venturi Fetish electric roadster but taking in consideration the three-times higher costs we have to see first the response of the customers. According to Mr. Drori the first „pack” of vehicles will be limited to 250 units in order to see how will the Europeans receive the new electric car.

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