The new feature can be installed only before vehicle delivery. Seriously?

On May 7, honoring a promise made in 2016 to Tesla customers, Elon Musk made a tow hitch available as an option for Model 3. So far, the feature is open only to Europeans for an extra charge of about $1,262. Tesla has been talking about a towing capacity of up to 910 kg (2,000 lbs).

Disappointingly, Tesla is not making available the tow hitch for Model 3 vehicles already delivered, so you can only get one if you haven’t taken delivery yet.

Tesla Model 3 Trailer Hitch

In response to the long-standing requests of customers, Tesla updated the Model 3 online configuration in Europe to incorporate a tow hitch as an option, and it’s now available for £970 or about $1,262 at current exchange rates.

Tesla’s electric cars are quite ideal for towing, especially with the instant torque produced by their electric motors. Talking about the new Model 3 feature, Tesla says that the towing capacity goes up to 910 kg (2,000 lbs):

"The high strength steel tow bar with a removable adapter is capable of towing up to 910 kgs."

910 kg is a capacity that can also tow a small trailer, which definitively increases the usability of the 2020 Tesla Model 3, especially in Europe.

Unfortunately, as specified on the website, the tow hitch can only be installed before the vehicle delivery.

Teasing all Model 3 reservation holders and buyers, Tesla has been making clear that cars already delivered will not be able to benefit from the feature and that custom order is needed. I sincerely hope that Tesla will change its mind in the future and allow tow hitch retrofits for existing Model 3 vehicles.

2019 Tesla Model 3 Performance
Standard Range Standard Plus Long Range RWD Long Range AWD Performance
0-60 mph 5.6 seconds 5.3 seconds 5.0 seconds 4.5 seconds 3.2 seconds
Range Per Charge 220 miles 240 mph 325 miles 310 miles 310 miles
Top Speed 130 mph 130 mph 140 mph 140 mph 150 mph

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