Tony Eury, Jr. will follow his cousin to Hendrick Motorsports. His cousin, of course, is Dale Earnhardt, Jr. Eury is the crew chief for Earnhardt’s Budweiser Chevrolet team at Dale Earnhardt, Incorporated. In announcing that Eury was joining Earnhardt at Hendrick, its boss, Rick Hendrick said that they "have a successful history working together. We have the utmost confidence in their ability to win races and compete for titles."
Eury, Jr. began with DEI at Earnhardt, Jr’s Busch team in the early ‘90’s and was car chief for that team. After Earnhardt moved to NASCAR’s senior series, Eury worked for a time under the supervision of his father, Tony Eury, Sr., the team’s crew chief at the time. In 2005, however, DEI abruptly decided to switch the personnel of Earnhardt’s team and that of Michael Waltrip. Though the switch worked well for Waltrip, who enjoyed having the talents of the Eury’s in his pits, it did not please Earnhardt. In retrospect, that switch was probably the beginning of the discord between Earnhardt, Jr. and Theresa Earnhardt that ultimately resulted in Dale Earnhardt, Jr. leaving DEI. 
Eury, Jr. was returned to Earnhardt’s team in 2006 as crew chief. The decision to return him to Earnhardt’s team is believed to be one of the factors leading to the decision by Michael Waltrip to leave DEI and form his own team. 
Though at times the relationship between Earnhardt and Eury has been marked by arguments and some bickering, the two have one of the closest working relationships in NASCAR Nextel Cup racing. No factor, other than the driver’s ability, is considered more important to the success of a Cup team than the ability of the driver and crew chief to communicate succinctly, fully, and accurately.

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