Low weight, simple design, pure driving pleasure

What makes a good track day car? For starters, it’s gotta be fast. Just as important, though, it’s gotta be fun to drive. In fact, for mere mortals like you and I, I’d argue that the fun factor takes priority over lower lap times. After all, unless your paycheck depends on a podium finish, track days are just a way to have a good time. evo recently took a look at a handful of the latest circuit monsters in its Track Car of the Year test, and one of the biggest smiles-per-miles generators was the Caterham Seven 420R. But what makes it so darn good?

The formula is definitely old school – engine up front, power in the back, and not much in between. In fact, one of the defining characteristics of the Caterham Seven is its incredible simplicity. Not only does that mean less stuff to break and a lower price to buy (both highly desirable traits in a track car), but it also means low weight. Even with a naturally aspirated 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine and 210 horsepower, the 420R still manages to hit 60 mph in less than four seconds thanks to its incredible power-to-weight ratio.

But like I said, it’s about more than just speed. Feel behind the wheel is every bit as important, and clearly, the Caterham has the goods. “There’s just so much going on,” says evo contributing editor Jethro Bovingdon. “You’re being sort of attacked on all sides. Your senses are just absolutely lit up by this crazed little car.”

Sounds like fun.

Caterham 420

2015 Caterham Seven 420 High Resolution Exterior
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