Still struggling to stay afloat after a disastrous 2013, Lotus may need a couple more years to come up with a completely redesigned sports car. Despite that, the Brits have had quite a busy 2015 so far, launching new variations of the Elise and Exige, as well as a significantly updated Evora. The 2015 Elise S Cup is the first of the trio to hit the market, having gone into production back in January. Essentially a road-legal version of the Cup R race car that Lotus launched in 2013, the Elise S Cup looked promising on paper, thanks to its 2,054-pound weight and 217-horsepower, supercharged engine. But how good is this British coupe on the track? That’s a question the folks over at EVO looked to answer in the video above.

To do so, Henry Catchpole took the Elise S Cup to Bedford Autodrome, a Formula 2 championship track in the UK, for the latest episode of EVO Diaries. After putting a few laps in only to discover the car is "blindingly quick" for its 217-horsepower rating, Catchpole took it for a spin on Britain’s narrow roads to find out how it behaves as a daily driver.

Click play to learn more about the new Elise S Cup and watch it in action in this road and track test. Be careful though; this Lotus, which isn’t available in the U.S., might just make you consider moving to Britan to own one.

Lotus Elise S Cup

2015 Lotus Elise S Cup High Resolution Exterior
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Read our full review here.

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