The Back to the Future DeLorean may be the poster child of time-traveling cars, but if there’s one vehicle that can be best described as its real-life equivalent - minus the time-travelling paraphernalia - it has to be the Jaguar Lightweight E-Types. Built initially by Jaguar in 1963, the company’s plan was to release 18 units of the track-purpose vehicle. For one reason or another, the company was only able to build 12, leaving the last six designated chassis numbers in storage for the better part of 50 years. It wasn’t until 2014 when Jaguar dusted off these numbers and built the final six models of the Lightweight E-Type, using period correct building methods mixed in with modern design technology. More importantly, these cars were built to FIA’s homologation requirements for historic racing.

The Lightweight E-Type is as authentic a blast from the past as you can get in the business today. Recently, EVO managed to get its hands on one of the six “old-new” models of the Lightweight E-Type and as you can expect, the car looked absolutely pristine, exuding the classic look of its older brothers while also benefiting from modern-day technology to make it look and run better.

I can’t even begin to tell you how jealous I was watching this video. As awesome as it might be to sit behind the wheel of today’s supercars, I’d gladly give up a chance to drive any of them if it means getting to drive the Lightweight E-Type. Forget about the experience of driving it, I just want to be in its vicinity, soaking up all the stories it has to tell.

Check out the video and tell me you won’t feel the same way after watching it.

Jaguar Lightweight E-Type

2014 Jaguar Lightweight E-Type Exterior
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