Mitsubishi and Subaru are working on a hard-core version of their latest Evo X and Impreza WRX.

The Evo X MR – the badge stands for Mitsubishi Racing – gets a host of cosmetic upgrades, with extra vents and air intakes on the nose to improve cooling. There’s also a revised rear wing and side skirts, plus black alloys. The MR packs around 305bhp – that’s 20bhp more than the entry-level Evo X – which puts it on a par with the standard Impreza WRX STi.

The Evo X MR will be powered by a reworked version of the 2.0-litre turbocharged direct-injection engine. It will make the 0-60 mph sprint in less than 5 seconds.

The Spec C edition has a mildly tweaked bodykit, including a rally-inspired roof scoop and the brand’s trademark gold alloy wheels. Most importantly, though, it has lost a lot of weight. As with previous generations of the Spec C, the newcomer gets a lightweight roof, aluminium boot, compact 12V battery, thinner glass and a smaller fuel tank. The revisions shed around 70kg from the STi’s kerbweight, so the Spec C tips the scales at 1,400kg.

Power upgrades for the 296bhp 2.5-litre turbocharged flat-four are expected to be minimal, but when combined with the weight reductions, the Impreza should rival the Evo X MR for performance.

Both models will debut later this year.


Source: AutoExpress

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  (1024) posted on 05.10.2008

Another excellent question , RodFPV.A question that I would also like the answer to. A factory EVO delivering even 500hp would be supercool. But Japanese cars will only be taken seriously if they have a high price tag and most people who buy high priced cars aren’t really good drivers. They care more about how the car makes them look rather than the performance. The EVOs have great looks but from the dozen sites that I have visited to learn more about the new EVO, while everyone praised the performance, just about everyone had something to say about the interior, which to put bluntly, reeked of cheap plastic everywhere. And if there is anything supercars are known for, its their flashy interiors.

I would like to see a EVO supercar and I think Mitsubishi should built it from the ground up like the GT-R while keeping some of the features that make the EVO famous, like keeping the 2L engine.Slap the interior in leather, along with the crap that anyone hardly ever uses like bluetooth and all that, give it a 60 to 70 grand pricetag, and you will get the attention of the rich people.

  (1024) posted on 05.10.2008

To baddist, like I said, It’s all about taste. I think that the 2000 model was the best of the lot but that’s only because I own one. Also, the headlights are somewhat similiar to my R33 so when parked together it looks like the R33s smaller brother.

But.... That is just my opinion.

  (133) posted on 05.9.2008

nah i thought the bug eye was kind of cool...the new headlights make the front end look kind of mousy..seriously cant u just see the whiskers popping out somewhere there...?

  (1024) posted on 05.8.2008

And baddist, the last model wasn’t so bad compared to the one with the single rounded headlight. Hell, headlights like that were popular in the late seventies, not now. With the performance of the WRX you need the agressive looks to match. Having the hood front just a tad higher won’t hurt. Take the 2000 model for example, the headlight are rectangular and it looks agressive.

But I suppose it comes down to taste.

  (1024) posted on 05.8.2008

One question though RodFPV. Why didn’t you just ask me this on the page where they mentioned the 1130hp EVO?

  (1024) posted on 05.8.2008

Ah! excellent question. All the harder because there isn’t a lot I won’t do to get behind the wheel of either the EVO or the new GT-R.(I’d probably choose the GT-R).I was reading a review which said that the EVO has little problem keeping up with the GT-R on mountain tracks with both cars being stock. The EVO has excellent cornering but the GT-R is one of the few if not the only one to better it.Around a proper racetrack Iam gonna go with the stock GT-R because lets face it, the high hp on the EVO does come at a price because while its handling will still be amazing compared to other cars, it will look childishly inferior to the GT-R.

Having said that, in a 1/4 mile the modified EVO will outrun the GT-R(don’t know about it leaving the GT-R in the dust though) because that is where the extra hp comes on useful. The modified EVO ran 8.53 seconds while the stock GT-R did 11.7 seconds. The timing could have been better had they switched of the VDC or tested it under proper conditions but even then.... well you read the timing.

In the case of both cars being modified, well the older R32 can do 0to60 in 2.8 with a hundred less hp. Put 700hp in the GT-R though and Iam gonna root for the GT-R.

In the case of the modified EVO against the stock GT-R, in this case i.e, well, as I said it depends on the type of race. So yeah, a modified EVO can beat a stock GT-R.

  (133) posted on 05.8.2008

but i disagree with ak on one count..subarus do have good designs...just the latest wrx sti left someone wanting more.

  (133) posted on 05.8.2008

(groan) uhmm i hate when there isnt a claer cut winner..uhmm remember thats a stock gtr vs a modified evo. like jtm said if both cars sported similar performance upgrades..then the gtr would win. an rb25 engine is capable of pushing more than 1000 bhp..the vr38 in the gtr can do more than that...but a 1130bhp evo i said its possible but not sure if both cars had same hp rating who would win..arghh.

  (233) posted on 05.8.2008

well yea you look at the evo’s running 1200bhp

that’d leave the legendary GTR in the dust...

however if they can achieve that with a four-cylinder i’d love to see what they could do with that amazing inline 6 in the GTR

  (133) posted on 05.8.2008

possible but unlikely.

  (1024) posted on 05.4.2008

Subaru should hire new designers. The front always seem rather stunted and the headlights on some of the latter models are a joke. It’s a good thing the performance makes up for the design. If the new Mitsubishi hatch protype goes in production, the Subaru hatches will be facing stiff competion against the flashier car.

  (233) posted on 05.4.2008

agreed... i dont like the hatch design

  (1024) posted on 05.3.2008

I wish Subarus had better designs.

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