• Ex-McRae Impreza stars in Girardo & Co’s Christmas Video

Everybody seems to be trying to get their Christmas trees home in wacky vehicles this year

We’ve already seen a number of videos this holiday season where companies show off their most outrageous Christmas tree carriers. GIrardo & Co., a company that specializes in the sale of rare vintage and modern machinery, tried their hand at this kind of video too. Their vehicle of choice? A 1997 WRC-spec Subaru Impreza formerly driven by the late Colin McRae.

Colin McRae was the only driver part of the Subaru World Rally Team that drove in each of the 14 rounds of the 1997 season. He won five rallies that year, including all of the last three, but ultimately fell short of winning the title, gathering 62 points to Tommi Makinen’s tally of... 63 points. The Impreza you see here is the car he piloted in the grueling Safari Rally which he and Nicky Grist won ahead of Richard Burns and six-time Kenyan Rally Championship winner Ian Duncan.

When’s the last time you saw an Imprezza carrying a Chrismas tree?

This video, in particular, is better than all the others that we’ve seen these days with cars hauling Christmas trees, some of epic proportions? Why is that? Well, quite simply, because of the WRC-spec Impreza that’s simply stunning.

The video kicks off with Max Girardo, the founder of the company and ex-auctioneer, letting some associates know about their upcoming Christmas party in London. Obviously, no Christmas party would be complete without the all-important pine or fir. So, to speed up the process, Max takes us to an unknown location to pick up a trusty friend ready for the job: the ex-McRae Impreza WRC97 machine.

Next thing we know, Max is dashing through the Welsh countryside looking for that perfect tree. Once the tree found and laid on the Impreza’s roof, it’s off to the party in London for the duo. The car gets properly dirty on the way, effortlessly tackling a couple of jumps and puddles. Finally, the car nervously drives around some tight London streets to arrive at the destination. Simply brilliant!

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