• Exotic cars destroyed in Irak

    2007ferrari 550

This is a part of a car collection some were in Iraq, a very known one because it was in propriety of the Hussein family. The American soldiers use this Lamborghini LM002 as a test car for an explosion. This is possible to be one of the expensive test they ever done because this is not a cheap SUV, a v12 Lamborghini that car provide 450hp when is still alive.

Exotic cars destroyed in Irak
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This Ferrari 550 Maranello is part of a collection that it suppose to number1200 cars. The cars were in propriety of Uday Hussein, the son of the Iraq dictator. But this car is in a better shape then the poor Lambo. The car was destroyed when the garage fall in the hands of the Iraq people. The revenge can be easily understood because the car was purchased in a time when the people day of hungry, and the country was under embargo. This must be the automotive-hell, I hope they have no problems with Italian cars especially.

Exotic cars destroyed in Irak
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