The P001 prototype of the aggressive new X-Concept Street Recon Vehicle (X-SRV(C)) line makes its western debut on the exhibit floor of the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Casborn Design, a trend-setting industrial design firm that specializes in the development of exclusive high end, exotic automobiles and sport utility vehicles, has proudly collaborated with X- Concept Motorsports LLC, manufacturers of armored luxury and exotic automobiles and sport utility vehicles to create the X-SRV. The vehicle, recently unveiled in Miami Beach earlier this month to rave reviews, will be showcased as part of the Solutia Inc. exhibit (booth #12340). The X-SRV prominently features Solutia’s new InFusion(TM) glass technology.
"In designing the prototype we wanted to capture not only the distinct, rugged look of a military oriented vehicle with the feel of a 1930’s era Cadillac and Deusenberg, but more importantly, design a high performance, exclusive vehicle that can be individualized," said Ramone Casborn, International Design Director and CEO of Casborn Design. "We are truly excited to be showcasing the X-SRV P001 at SEMA, as the show is undoubtedly the most influential automotive specialty market event in the world."
With smooth lines from front to back, the X-SRV offers discriminating auto enthusiasts an unparalleled level of protection, style and security, exemplified by the dynamic silver metallic InFusion glass in the windshield, side and rear windows. InFusion glass takes up to ten times longer to break than standard automotive tempered glass, and is specifically designed to reduce vehicle noise, weight and heat for a cooler, quieter, more comfortable ride.
Clients will be able to select from an unlimited choice of exotic and designer material options, including crocodile, eel, gator, stingray, shark, ostrich skin, Burberry, Coach, Fendi, Gucci, Hermes, Coogi, Issey Miyake, Prada, and Louis Vuitton upholstery.
The exterior styling is a fusion of Neo Classical American and art deco car proportions and detailing with crisp, deliberate streamlining that is intertwined with European, American and Japanese influences. Additionally, the feel of the X-SRV recalls Cadillacs of the Capone era while performance is highlighted with the use of carbon fiber and Kevlar.
Not only does the X-SRV offer occupants a seamless integration of extreme protection, wicked raw power, and street performance, but also state-of-the- art technology and luxury entertainment. From an Xbox Gaming System to Internet connectivity to Bluetooth technology to fingerprint recognition and more, the X-SRV is equipped with an abundance of elite
electronic brands, such as Alpine, Icon-TV, Stinger and JL Audio that offers occupants a new level of personalization.
"Although there are different levels of performance, customization, and protection available to discerning buyers, the term ’base model’ really doesn’t describe the 500 horsepower SRV because the degree of individualization that is achievable with this vehicle is simply amazing," said Steven Carr, Vice President and General Counsel of X-Concept Motorsports. "Whether a buyer wants a unique interior or is more concerned with performance or ballistics protection, a full range of options is
available to allow a level of personalization that is reminiscent of the original luxury coach builds."
Buyers of the X-SRV will be able to individualize their vehicle directly with the dealer from the one-on-one sketch phase with an X-Concept designer to final production. Buyers will also have the option from 10 Casborn Design luminescent pearl colors and Wicked Powered(TM) engineering packages ranging from a level one 550 Hp to a level four 427 twin turbo
1000 Hp, as well as an optional V12 diesel for international clients.
X-Concept Motorsports and Casborn Design will be designing and manufacturing 250 limited edition X-SRVs that will be sold throughout select exotic dealerships in the U.S. International markets include Dubai, Russia, Tokyo and United Kingdom.

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