• Explore The Challenges In Perfecting the Aerodynamic Prowess of the Rimac C Two

Sure, aerodynamics is about performance, but efficiency matters, too

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There are a lot of facets to developing a hypercar. A long list of parameters and features must work perfectly together or by themselves, and the ability to cut through air or generate downforce are not to be ignored.

Rimac is inching closer and closer to a C_Two reveal and the company’s refrain from officially announcing the all-electric hypercar has one simple motivation: the C_Two must be perfect in every department, including aerodynamics. So much so that the Croatian company has wind-tunnel tested three prototypes over the past two years, which it tweaked and improved constantly before reaching to the best possible version.

In the C_Two, four surface and underbody active aero bits and bobs will handle the airflow above and underneath the car, including an active front splitter and a bunch of underbody air flaps. There is even an air brake setup in place and as you have guessed it by now, they must perform flawlessly under every imaginable condition and scenario.

Explore The Challenges In Perfecting the Aerodynamic Prowess of the Rimac C Two
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Rimac claims that it changed more than 100 components in the process of tweaking the C_Two’s aero abilities, which included wind tunnel sessions as well as real-life track testing.

As a result, the current prototype is 34-percent more aero efficient than the first model.

Oh, and if you are into numbers, here’s something for you: the C_Two has a Range Mode which reduces drag by 17.5-percent compared to Track Mode. However, Track Mode is geared to offer the best grip available, so for that to happen, it increases downforce by 326-percent.

Explore The Challenges In Perfecting the Aerodynamic Prowess of the Rimac C Two
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That said, the C_Two just went through its final wind tunnel test and Rimac marked the milestone with a behind-closed-doors video that offers a better look at what it takes to develop a multi-million-dollar all-electric hypercar.

Rimac C_Two Performance And Powertrain
Battery Pack Capacity 120 kWh
Range Per Charge 400 miles
Electric Motors four
Combined Horsepower 1,914
Torque 1,696 pound-feet
0-60 mph 1.85 seconds
0 to 186 mph 11.8 seconds
Quarter-mile 9.1 seconds
Top Speed 258 mph
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