On September 30 Michael Schumacher won the Chinese Grand Prix in Shanghai driving a Ferrari featuring Shell V-Power.

This you might know it, but do you know that you can find the V-Power at over 300 selected petrol stations nationwide and that is very similar to the one used in F1 racing cars?

Shell’s technical manager Mike Copson said the technology used for the F1 cars is passed on to the mainstream fuel for normal cars: “We have an enormous pool of scientists who work to ensure the V-Power fuel makes a difference to your car.”

Ferrari used the V-Power for the first time in 2000. “Shell and Ferrari have the closest relationship compared to the other teams. I know that the other teams in the pit lane would love to have this kind of relationship that we have with Ferrari,” said Copson.

“The environment in F1 is constantly changing as well. We are currently doing research by adding bio component to the F1 fuel in line with a rule change in 2008.”

Stringent laboratory and road tests have indicated that Formula Shell V-Power cleans up to 90% of the accumulated residue in the engine, in comparison to just 50% by other petrol.

This is due to the fact that the new base-fuel is intrinsically clean with a low tendency to form deposits in a vehicle’s inlet system.

Source: Thestar

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