Any gearhead knows that the one of the top-10 best sounds in the world is a high-powered car flying through a tunnel. You get a nice surround-sound-like listen to the thumping of the pistons and its enough to make the hairs on your neck stand up.

Well, how about hearing am F1 car screaming through New Jersey’s Lincoln tunnel at 190 mph? Yeah, that makes a damn fine noise too. The folks at Red Bull Racing have decided to tease us for an upcoming race that uses said tunnel by releasing an in-car view of their F1 car performing this feat.

All we can say after watching this video is “Dang that looks fun... and scary.” Some people have a hard enough time going through a tunnel at the speed limit, and this driver cranked through at 190. Phew, good stuff.

Check out the above video and get a look for yourself. Those that get motion sickness easily may want to avoid this one.


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