F1 Willing to Step in to Help the `Ring

The Famed Nürburgring is in Financial Trouble
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As the Nürburgring sinks into its bankruptcy proceedings and the light at the end of the tunnel of relief for the famed `Ring looks bleak, everyone in the automotive industry would love to help, but they all have their own problems. F1 has its own lineup of issues to deal with, especially its boss, Bernie Ecclestone, but it has stepped up to the task and is offering a much-needed hand to the failing track.

Ecclestone has vowed to do whatever he can to save the track and isn’t just saying it to sound good. According to a report, Ecclestone has said that he will waive the typical sanctioning fee to bring an F1 race to the Nürburgring. For those that don’t know how significant that really is, the fee to bring F1 to Austin, Texas ran a full $25 million. That would bring huge attendance to the ’Ring and general tourism to the suffering area, possibly giving it the injection of cash that it needs.

F1 is still an extremely popular series in Europe, so the entire area could see income in the hundreds of million of dollars, if it is planned correctly. The biggest issue is whether the `Ring is suitable for F1 racing, as low income typically leads to poor track conditions. If it is not in acceptable shape, would Nürburgring officials have the spare cash to fix it up? If there is no cash to fix it, would F1 be willing to inch closer to that plate by helping fix the track to get it race-ready?

According to reports from `Ring officials, there is only a short time frame to get an F1 deal done, but it may be a little too late to completely save the famed raceway.

We’ll keep you updated as more information becomes available.


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  (484) posted on 08.24.2012

If they are going to help Nurburging on the funds, there’s no need on expressing the wants of others on buying the track.

  (328) posted on 08.23.2012

The participation of the F1 is a great help to ease the tension amid the bankruptcy of the Nurburging.

  (517) posted on 08.22.2012

With F1 participating to help the ring, it will add a good chance of saving one of the most popular race tracks in the world.

  (2) posted on 07.23.2012

Their is a southern lop of the Ring is the F1 track. That has been used every other year with Hockenheim. So it is Grand Prix ready. The Nordschleife lop is the track that companys use to test. They do combine both tracks for the 24 hours of Nurburgring. I would bet Bernie wants to keep the tracks alive for the history. Witch is fine by me.

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