• FAB Design Mercedes-Benz SLR

FAB Design Mercedes-Benz SLR
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We have already shown you the outrageously styled Mercedes McLaren SLR tuned by FAB design. The Swiss tuners have finally released the official details about the 750 HP 310 kilometer per hour SLR. Enjoy!

Press release after the jump.

Press release:

FAB Design Mercedes-Benz SLR
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With the SLR "Desire", FAB Design has once more demonstrated its competence in the field of high-end luxury car customization.

From the FAB Design high-performance engine which generates an unbelievable performance of 750hp and a maximum torque of 1,080Nm to the perfectly designed FAB Design interior - nearly any relevant part of the Mercedes super sports car has been customized and brought to perfection with the highest level of technical expertise by the FAB Design specialists.


FAB Design Mercedes-Benz SLR
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The FAB Design body which has been redesigned by the Swiss specialist for this very exquisite masterpiece is made of ultra sturdy but extremely light and precious carbon which is produced in an autoclave - as is the case in aerospace industry and in Formula 1 - and in accordance with highest quality standards. At several exposed spots, the material is even visible since it has been clear-varnished in order to set spectacular accents.

Apart from the front and rear fenders, it also comprises new and exclusive FAB Design side skirts with special recesses for the FAB Design high-performance sports exhaust system whose pipes come out on the vehicle’s sides as is the case with the standard SLR.

The completely redesigned motor sports front apron as well as the reshaped bonnet which is adapted to the style of the new front side and to the wider fenders are further exclusive FAB Design highlights.

FAB Design Mercedes-Benz SLR
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Even though, compared to the standard SLR, the vehicle has gained considerably in width, once again, the FAB Design specialists have succeeded in creating an absolutely harmonious silhouette.

This is the reason why the FAB Design specialists had the idea of creating something very special for the vehicle’s rear end.

The rear panel, completely redesigned by FAB Design, frames a huge diffuser which reduces the lift force. At the same time, the optionally available FAB Design rear wing spoiler increases the down force at the rear axle without affecting the functionality of the brake assist inside the rear lid.

FAB Design Mercedes-Benz SLR
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The result is a considerable improvement of driving dynamics and, thus, also of the driving safety at high and peak speeds which the FAB-Design "Desire" will reach in the twinkling of an eye thanks to its enormous engine performance.

The FAB Design specialists have achieved a further significant improvement of driving characteristics by installing their special sports suspension and by equipping the vehicle with huge forged FAB Design 20" wheels which are provided with special high-performance 265/30 ZR 20 and 325/25 ZR 20 tires by technology partner Michelin.


FAB Design Mercedes-Benz SLR
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In the fist place, the interior equipment impresses with the way it harmonizes with the vehicle’s color. The interior is completely composed of black FAB DESIGN leather. The specially developed red FAB Design croco-style leather sets additional stylish accents. The FAB Design interior emphasizes the appearance of the "Desire" with race character and elegance.


In order to make sure that the FAB Design "Desire" will not be taken for a toothless tiger, the FAB Design specialists have focused all their expertise and experience on the super sports car’s power train.

Thanks to extensive modifications of the engine periphery and of the hard and software, the FAB Design high-performance power train now generates 750hp instead of the standard SLR’s 626hp. The maximum torque has been increased from 780Nm to 1,080Nm.

The result of all those efforts: The FAB Design "Desire" reaches a regulated top speed of 310 km/h and passes the 100 km/h mark in 3.6 seconds. This breathtaking demonstration of engine force is, of course, rounded off by the infernal sound of the FAB Design high-performance sports exhaust system’s total number of six tailpipes.

FAB Design Mercedes-Benz SLR
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With the SLR "Desire", FAB Design has made another impressive statement of its special class in the field of high-end luxury car customization.

Unfortunately, FAB Design has limited the number of vehicles strictly to 15, and, although it was shown in Geneva only, the whole production is already sold out.

FAB Design Mercedes-Benz SLR
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  (182) posted on 04.18.2009

With a car as wide as that? It’s impossible not to see it from a far. It’s sad though that I ’might’ not be able to see one. There are only 15 units and its all sold out. I wish I was one of them.

  (177) posted on 04.18.2009

Wow! 750hp? I might be so fast, I won’t be able to steal glances on it on freeways.

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