The resurrection of the Facel Vega brand has become a topic of conversation for the past year. While there has been no confirmation on when the revived HK Coupe Concept is going to be revealed, some indications from the people behind the project — one Caroline Castets — seem to suggest that this car is more than just a pipedream.

There’s still that issue of trademarks and the right for the new folks to use the "Facel" brand name, but that’s being discussed as we speak, so any developments on that will probably make news anyway.

As far as the car itself is concerned, the release of a new photo finally shows its front end and gives us an indication of what to expect for this sports car. So, what’s the early aesthetic feedback?

It’s hard to tell because the image is a little too dark for our liking. However, judging from the aggressive angles and the sloping hood, there are some sports car elements there that we like. At the very least, that front end is already looking better than the shagglebot rear that looks like it was designed with the idea of slapping components one on top of the other.


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  (452) posted on 01.13.2013

Very well said, it’s aggressive angles.But I guess it give this car some wild look, which fits is great!

  (312) posted on 01.13.2013

Aesthetically speaking, it’s very heavy, considering the report between width and length

  (509) posted on 01.13.2013

What can I say?By now, this car leaves me breathes
, definitely a great one

  (542) posted on 01.13.2013

I’m wondering how would it look like in reality

  (422) posted on 01.13.2013

This one seems to be the Coupe car from the future!It looks really amazing

cupler1981  (49) posted on 01.10.2013

All we’re stuck with now is this computer rendering, unfortunately. We’ll get you all more info and images as soon as the legal stuff is done and the company can proceed with its plans.

cupler1981  (516) posted on 01.10.2013

Yes, it would be great if they would come up with new pictures or information..

cupler1981  (542) posted on 01.10.2013

So far, seems to be the most beautiful Coupe I have ever seen. Thumbs up, and hope we’ll see some more soon!

cupler1981  (509) posted on 01.10.2013

I want to see some more colors of it!
A black version would be better, or a combination between gold and black!!

cupler1981  (516) posted on 01.10.2013

John, it seems this is just a concept, so it’s hard to believe you are going to see any video of it, considering that they didn’t create the car, yet

cupler1981  (452) posted on 01.10.2013

This design seems to be pretty good, so far.
I’m wondering how does it look in real life

cupler1981  (509) posted on 01.10.2013

Is there anything like a video for this car?I’d love to see something more

cupler1981  (542) posted on 01.10.2013

I love this kind of blue!Seems somehow retro, and pretty interesting!
I would love to test this car

cupler1981  (516) posted on 01.10.2013

That’s so right!Even I had a strange feeling reading ’Facel’ , ha haah

cupler1981  (49) posted on 01.10.2013

smiley Good point, Angelsilhouette. That’s definitely a name they may want to reconsider.

cupler1981  (50) posted on 01.10.2013

Well... If you’ve never heard of the name, anyway.

cupler1981  (50) posted on 01.10.2013

It’s funny how the human mind works. For example, if you misspell a word, your brain will automatically correct it for you as you’re reading. If you know it, that is. So... When you are a native English speaker and presented with a car named "Facel", well... Let’s just say that the immediate reaction was disbelief.

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