New Look but old feel to the Jaguar XK

Does the front end of a car make a difference, some people think that cars have a face, some say that iit is just the business end of the car.

Facelift for the Jagaur XK!

It appears that the Jaguar XK has had a face lift! Normally the face lift treatment is only given to those that are tied and out of date, yet the people at Jaguar have decided never the less to change and update the features of the car most associate with a sexy woman, with its sleak lines and curves nothing could be further from the truth when it comes to the power and drive of this super fast feline motor car.

From seeing the pictures it would appear that the Ford Motor Company had quite a lot of Mondeo Zetec radiator grilles left over for the front grille is amlost identicle! Or do my eyes decieve here. It is funny how we move along with the times and suddenly with almost no warning we see something that is a shot right out of the past, clearly Jaguar would not designed the front end of their most prestigous sports car with intentionally looking like the right end of a Mondeo, but it does just show you how the design process works and how the best ideas keep coiming out through different age groups and sections of the industry, this can be found in the design of many new models, after all who have never said, “That looks just like ????” I think that we all have at one time or other.

The Jaguar XK.

Source: Jagaur XK

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