Replica cars are nice and all, but originals are, and will always be, the way to go.

Factory Five, one of the finest replica makers of Cobras and Daytonas in the business, is working on building their very own sports car, a new and original design that will be the basis for the very first "818 Sports Car" to be built.

To help in the brainstorming process, Factory Five and its co-sponsor Grassroots Motorsports, held a design-making contest for the future 818. The rules were pretty simple: each contestant was given a donor Subaru WRX, a space frame with a 95" wheelbase, and a target weight of just 1,800 lbs. Similarly, the design of the two-seater sports car had to give way for it to be built with a budget of just under $15,000.

After the contest, Factory Five and Grassroots Motorsports singled out Nouphone Bansasi as the winner of the competition with a design that offers a classic look on a modern two-seater sports car. For beating out over 700 entries, Bansasi pocketed a cool $5,000 for his efforts. In addition to Bansasi’s winning work, Factory Five and Grassroots Motorsports also awarded Rodney Olmos second place, and Xabier Alibizu third place for their entries while a number of other awards, including several sponsor awards were given out.

Full specs and details of the future 818 Sports Car are still being kept under wraps, but at the very least, we have a pretty good idea on what to expect as far as the design language of the car is concerned.

Check out the video of Factory Five President Dave Smith presenting the winners of the Factory Five-Grassroots Motorsports Project 818 Body Design Contest after the jump.

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  (448) posted on 07.22.2011

Maybe they ran out of concepts. We should also consider its uniqueness and other criteria as well. I agree with you, upon looking on all entries; all are just the same.

  (460) posted on 07.13.2011

Wow that was a huge list of participants. I’ve been wondering what are the committee’s criteria in judging the best sports car design. Uniqueness, creativity, style are given. So, what other factors they’ve considered?

  (580) posted on 06.23.2011

Yeah, I think so too. From the looks of it, these guys definitely have a lot of talent, and I can say that they would really have a large impact on the car design scene.

  (596) posted on 06.22.2011

These are the winners right? Well, I would say that they actually have a lot of potential here, these designs are definitely some of the most outstanding that I have seen.

  (474) posted on 06.22.2011

Well, without hesitation, this model which is originally design by Factory Five is truly amazing. It has the quality of a real sports car for all.

  (359) posted on 06.21.2011

Well now, considering all the constraints that they have put into the contest, all of the winning designs actually turned out rather awesome. It seems that there are indeed a lot of talented designers out there.

  (407) posted on 06.21.2011

How nice this contest!... I never thought there was a contest like this. It’s like a car renovation! haha... From modern design looks to stunning classic design. It’s so amazing!. I think the one who win the contest really offer more classic look for a modern two seater Subaru!

  (331) posted on 06.21.2011

Heck! It doesn’t even turn out good. I would love to see a original concept of the Subaru WRX rather than this car. I really hate replicas and how they ruined other production car to be their model!

  (541) posted on 06.21.2011

hmm. I was impressed with the creativity of its designer though I’m a bit anxious on what they did with the Subaru WRX. I really like this car and its one of a great production car. I can’t believe that they have sliced that car to be a sample replica!

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