Just drive away....

Unsurprisingly, Drake’s “In My Feelings” has claimed yet another victim. As videos of folks jumping out of moving cars to dance in the middle of the road continue to proliferate, it’s not unexpected than some of ‘em don’t exactly go as planned. Such is the case here, where the participants unwittingly create a suicide-hinged door in a car wash.

The video starts as you’d expect - a woman dancing outside a car, her friend cheering her on from the driver’s seat as she films. But there’s a twist - this is all taking place inside a drive-through car wash, and the car is moving across an automatic conveyor belt. Cue the drama.

The pair realize their mistake too late, and despite hopping back into the cabin, the car’s passenger door finds itself smashed against a big scrubber brush. As the car moves backwards, the door gets shoved forward by the brush, bending it at an unnatural angle.

Meanwhile, the idiotic passengers are left unharmed. Maybe a little sudsy.

The car in question is an unidentified Scion model, and we’re left wondering what happens next. Does the cabin fill with water? Do the idiots drive away? Does the carwash owner freak out?

We can only guess.

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