Based on what we see in this short video, neither the girl or the owner of the car knew what they were doing

So what we have here is a Nissan 350Z with a Rocket Bunny Body kit, sans a front bumper, looking, well, ugly. Now, usually, this would be something that you just dismiss after seeing – the owner probably just didn’t know how to drive and lost his front fascia trying to drift. But, instead, the owner – and what we assume is his girlfriend – decided to take the amount of dumb to astounding levels. “Let me do a backflip on the roof, she said.” And, so it was. She climbs on top, sets up like she’s a professional gymnast, and proceeds to do said backflip. It was at that very moment that it became painfully clear that this girl wasn’t a professional gymnast. A professional gymnast would have landed in the same place she started. This girl however, penetrated that poor 350Z from behind in the worst of ways. Intrigued? Well, we’ve watched it quite a few times and can’t quit laughing, so check it out for yourself:

Fail of the Week: Nissan 350Z vs.

HMC, I will do a backflip on the roof of the car from r/holdmycosmo

For what it’s worth, we’re pretty sure this whole thing was staged. For some reason there’s a sledge hammer leaned up against the rear end, and some redditers are suggesting that the hammer was used to “pre-crack” the glass so that she would slide smoothly through the glass. Whether that’s the case or not is a different story, let alone the answer to the question of why this was a good idea to begin with. What do you think is going on here? Is it just a fun stunt born out of the painful reality of isolation and quarantine or is there more to the story?

Fail of the Week: Nissan 350Z vs Dumb Girl
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