Family Feud: Trio of Nissan GT-Rs square-off for family supremacy

Ever since the Nissan GT-R was born in 2008, the car known as Godzilla has raced with just about every other supercar in the world. But one car that the Japanese supercar has failed to go head-to-head with is, ironically enough, its own.

Until now.

Japanese car show, BestMotor TV, has decided that if Godzilla were to meet its match, why not race it against two more of its kind. That’s right; it’s a triple-threat Nissan GT-R throw down!

The three cars are actually three model years of the Japanese supercar - the 2010MY, the 2012MY, and the 2013MY. Looking at the numbers alone, you could already make a case for the 2013 GT-R to be a step ahead of its older brothers - it has 550 horsepower compared to the 530 ponies of the 2012MY and 485 horses of the 2010MY.

All that being said, it still makes for a fascinating watch, especially when you consider yourself a fan of this fire-spewing, competition-trampling Japanese monster.


Source: YouTube

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  (333) posted on 01.13.2012

It’s quite interesting. The battle for Nissan models. It’s good to watch.

  (342) posted on 01.10.2012

I enjoy watching the video! I feel excited on how those cars were driven, as if they’re going to throw up or something! smiley Japanese show is really entertaining!

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