Honda fans in North America want the Honda Civic Type R to come to the US, and they’ve taken to to make it happen. Listen up, Honda. You gotta give the people what they want!

It’s one of the boldest proclamations of support the Honda Civic Type R has received, and to the credit of those who signed the petition at, the bold move could work. If it does, we have to give credit to Nikos Stoufis from Northfield, Minnesota, who initiated the petition asking Honda to bring the production model stateside and end what he said was "discrimination against our market."

The man has some cojones, especially when he follows it up by saying Honda has "no excuse anymore" and "if other countries can enjoy the best Honda has to offer, we should be able to enjoy the same rights."

You hear that, Honda?

Well, apparently, it did. Once the signature drive picked up steam, Chris Martin, a member of Honda North America’s Public Relations team, shot Stoufis a reply, saying that while he can’t promise anything, "we’ll take your support of
Type-R into account".

Here’s the best part though, Stoufis petition has already reached the maximum 10,000 signatures.

Your move, Honda.

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2015 Honda Civic Type R

2016 Honda Civic Type R Exterior Spyshots
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The Honda Civic Type R production model will arrive in 2015 with the concept model being shown in Geneva earlier this month.

Powering the vehicle is a four-cylinder, 2.0-liter turbocharged engine developing at least 280 horsepower. In addition to that, the Civic Type R also sports a very aggressive body kit together with a quad exhaust arrangement and a peculiar rear wing that according to Honda has been designed in such a way so that it would generate extra downforce.

It’s no wonder why Nikos Stoufis and presumably millions more in North America are all pining to see the vehicle stateside.


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