Partnership helps Faraday secure a battery supplier for its future cars

As far as automotive startups are concerned, no company has been as head-strong as Faraday Future, the Chinese-backed American automaker that’s making a push to grab a big slice of the electric car market for itself. The company took a big step in realizing that goal by announcing a partnership with LG Chem, regarded as one of the biggest suppliers of lithium-ion batteries in the industry.

The partnership, according to Faraday, revolves around a specific set of batteries that LG Chem developed specifically for the automaker’s own VPA platform, the automaker’s scalable modular battery platform. The battery’s composition is also adjustable depending on the size of the cars. The batteries themselves sit low on the platform’s floor and are arranged in specific rows, or “strings,” as the automaker calls it. The adjustable nature of the VPA platform allows Faraday to add or remove strings depending on the size of the car. This characteristic will allow the automaker to build a lineup of models using only this one platform.

No word yet on how much power Faraday can get out of LG Chem’s batteries, but if it hopes to really give a company like Tesla a serious run for its money, these batteries can go a long way in helping the ambitious startup reach its goal.

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One step closer to where it wants to go

This partnership is not the final piece in the puzzle for Faraday Future, but it is a significant piece that can help paint a clearer picture of where the startup company goes from here. Outside of designing a proper, working car, it can be said that a battery supplier is one of the most important things a budding electric car maker needs to take care of before proceeding with the rest of its development.

That’s what Faraday Future accomplished, thanks to this partnership with LG Chem. Granted, nobody has said anything pertaining to what kind of power and performance these batteries will be able to generate. The important thing is that this partnership cements a critical aspect in the development of Faraday’s first production vehicle.

Speaking of which, the yet-to-be revealed model, rumored to be a crossover SUV, has reportedly undergone some testing on public roads, but it isn’t expected to arrive for at least a few more years, possibly around 2020.

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Source: Faraday Future

Press Release

Los Angeles, October 3rd, 2016 – Faraday Future today announced a partnership with LG Chem, the leading manufacturer of advanced battery systems, to supply lithium-ion cells for FF’s electric vehicles.

The partnership also represents a joint commitment between both companies to collaborate on the development of EV battery technology, resulting in the world’s highest energy density for a production automotive battery. These cells will be incorporated into Faraday Future’s VPA platform, the company’s universal and scalable modular battery structure. The VPA platform is a critical component to Faraday Future’s future product portfolio.

“LG Chem worked closely with Faraday Future to develop a tailored cell chemistry to optimize the range and safety of our mass production battery hardware,” said Tom Wessner, VP of Global Supply Chain, Faraday Future. “At FF, we are working with world-class suppliers to advance our technological innovations, and we look forward to our relationship with LG Chem as we push towards our vision of future mobility.”

“As a leading supplier of automotive cells and batteries, we are proud to work alongside Faraday Future as we work together to create the next generation of electric vehicles,” said UB Lee, the President of Energy Solution Company, LG Chem. “Our progress so far represents a major step forward in battery technology, and we look forward to growing our partnership and co-developing hardware into the future.”

With a customer base of more than 20 global automakers, LG Chem’s leadership in the EV space makes it a strong partner for Faraday Future as both companies build towards the future of EV mobility.

About Faraday Future

Headquartered in California, our global team of more than 1,400 employees leverages the talents of leading thinkers and passionate creators from the technology, automotive, aerospace, and digital content industries. We are developing clean, intuitive, seamlessly connected electric vehicles that will advance future mobility solutions for society by consistently challenging the status quo, reinventing our processes, and embracing new technologies.

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