That’s one way to get people interested in your first production car

There’s been a lot of buzz surrounding Faraday Future’s first foray into the electric car market and a lot of that hype is due to the promises the ambitious start-up has been making. It has financial backing from some deep-pocketed investors, it presented the FFZERO1 concept, and now, with the unveiling of its first production model at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show in January of next year already looming, the company is rolling out one teaser video after another on what we can expect from this model.

This particular teaser video is revealing in that it focused specifically on one aspect of the electric SUV: the wheels. Now it’s fairly common for automakers to boast of breakthrough technologies, but this is the first time in a while that we’ve seen a company – and a start-up at that – promise a revolutionary new set of wheels that will render the age-old maxim “don’t reinvent the wheel” irrelevant.

The video doesn’t show a clear shot of the wheels while the car is sitting idle so the best we can see is the form it takes when it’s moving. Nothing appears out of the ordinary, but Faraday is promising something entirely new for these wheels without diving into the specifics of what they are. So we’re left here to speculate. Is it an exotic material that the wheel is made out of, or is it much bigger and more important than that? Could it even be a new kind of design that helps improve the SUV’s aerodynamic and performance capabilities?

Both scenarios are possible, as are a host of other possibilities that Faraday is teasing us about. What I can tell all of you now is that the debut of this model just got a lot more interesting.

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An interesting idea deserves an interesting teaser video

I don’t like to be the guy who jumps to conclusions only to be proven wrong in the end. So I’m not even going to make a prediction on what Faraday Future means when it hinted at “reinventing the wheel” with its first production model.

It is interesting to see the company take this approach because as an electric car maker, I would’ve thought that they’d be touting something that’s more relevant to electrification than the wheels. Unless of course the wheels it developed could be sources of electric power themselves. Wait a minute, is that even possible?

What we know at this point about this model is that it’s going to be a crossover or an SUV and that it’ll make use of the highest energy dense battery cells used in the automotive industry. That can translate to either more power for the car, longer range, or a combination of both. Wouldn’t it be really cool then if those wheels acted as their own energy sources themselves?

Whatever the case may be, I’m far more interested in this debut now, which in a lot of ways is what this teaser video is for. It raised my curiosity levels up, and now I can’t wait to see the car in the flesh, new wheels and all.

Source: YouTube - Faraday Future

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