We’re only a few months away from the big reveal

Faraday Future has confirmed that its very first production-ready offering will finally drop cover this January at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Confirmation comes via a recent tweet issued by Faraday, in which the up-and-coming automaker gives a short breakdown of the company’s history, finally concluding with the phrase “We unveil the future. #CES2017.”

Included in the tweet is mention of the company’s first design study, the FFZERO1 Concept, and its recent partnership in the Formula E racing series. The tweet arrives on the heels of a comment made by Jia Yueting, CEO at LeEco, at a recent product launch in which the Chinese billionaire mentioned that CES would be a good place for Faraday to reveal its new electric vehicle.

LeEco is a Chinese consumer product firm involved in smartphones, TV’s, bicycles, and Internet video streaming, to name just a few of the company’s numerous interests. Included in the list is financial backing for Faraday Future, an upstart electric vehicle company based out of Gardena, California.

In related news, Faraday is currently looking to build a $1 billion dollar factory in the desert north of Las Vegas, but construction has yet to begin. When completed, the factory is anticipated to house some 4,500 employees.

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Why It Matters

Farday Future’s upcoming production car is hotly anticipated, with some analysts framing the company as a direct challenger for Tesla.

And that could very well turn out to be true. The company obviously has a good deal of money behind it, not to mention the tech chops it needs to stay ahead in innovation. However, we have yet to see any real evidence that the company has what it takes to move product.

The closest thing so far has been the reveal of the FFZERO1 concept, but as anyone familiar with the concept will tell you, that thing is far from production-ready. The FFZERO1 is a single-seater hyper-exotic that supposedly has enough gumption to hit 60 mph in 3 seconds flat, with top speed rated at 200 mph. It also produces 1,000 horsepower from its four electric motors.

It all sounds great, but its all just vaporware for the moment.

Clues as to what we’ll see with the full debut in Vegas are few and far between, but according to a recent report from Fortune, which cites a company spokesman, the upcoming model will be a “premium” offering with a “holistic design,” and it’ll get tons of cutting-edge technology and “industry leading range.”

What’s more, the car will sport high-density batteries from LG Chem, given Faraday’s recent partnership with the Korean chemical company.

I’m eager to see what this thing looks like, as Faraday seems rather interested in doing something performance-oriented. In addition to the FFZERO1, the company has also partnered with Dragon Racing, Jay Penske’s Formula E team. That said, many are pointing to recently spied prototypes as evidence of an upcoming crossover.

Either way, CES is the right place to make the debut. Faraday already used the event to introduce the FFZERO1 last year, and if tech is high on the list of priorities, then it’s a far better choice than the Detroit Auto Show, which just so happens to take place around the same time.

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Source: Twitter - Faraday Future

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