The GTS is in final stages of development with UK production and sales scheduled to begin in Spring 2007 and sales in the USA starting soon after. According to Farboud’s website, Farboud USA will be based in Miami, Florida and most dealers located in Maine, Oregon, Michigan and New York.

"We had hoped to be in the USA by now but due to the extensive development work required to take the Farboud GTS from the original concept car to the production model, it has been longer than we anticipated. However, we are making good progress and hope to have our UK car ready for the late Summer. The first US “crash car” which is being built alongside our UK car, once completed, will need to undergo your stringent regulations, which will take some time. The car may also require further modifications to comply with your regulations. Our experienced Importer, James Miller of Farboud USA, is dealing with all the arrangements."

Farboud GTS coming to USA
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The GTS has two variants; the GTS and Supercharged GTS. The car whilst using all the latest technologies benefits from strong influences from F1 and FIA sports car racing series. It
has a powerful efficient engine, lightweight high-tech construction of chassis and bodywork, comfortable but lightweight race style seating, proven and highly efficient aerodynamics, with the benefit of full wind tunnel development.


GTS: Normally aspirated V6 2968cc all-alloy block and heads giving 275 bhp.
Supercharged GTS: V6 2968cc all-alloy block and heads with a Cosworth supercharged engine, giving 375 bhp.


The GTS has the benefit of the double wishbone suspension system, using fully adjustable dampers. Not only does this system provide more ‘feel’ for the driver of the road and track through the corners and rises but also allows for simple adjustment, when necessary roviding the opportunity for personal preference settings, particularly useful at the race track.

Farboud GTS coming to USA
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The GTS has a power assisted ZF steering system that allows for easy manoeuvrability for parking, reversing and low speed driving but retains the preciseness required for track driving. The steering has been deliberately set up to provide comfort for the driver without losing responsiveness.

Engine and Gearbox

The engine and gearbox has been consciously positioned to the rear of the car to enable superb handling and weight distribution. This will also allow for excellent traction on acceleration. The gearbox is a six speed manual.


The chassis design incorporates tubular steel frame around the side of the cockpit and the engine bay. An aluminium and steel tube centre tub is used for added stiffness. The steel system runs the full length of the car to provide maximum rigidity and minimum weight.


The interior of the car has the same attention to detail as the outside, with flowing lines and simplicity giving style with aggressive racing touches. All the standard interior functions can be found on the steering column and ergonomically correct switchgear. There is
enough space in the cockpit for comfort and visibility as well as the added bonus of a large storage area behind the driver and passenger seats, sufficient for luggage or a set of golf clubs.

Farboud GTS coming to USA
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Air conditioning with climate control is standard equipment. The dashboard of the GTS has a specially designed touch screen with heating controls, radio, Bluetooth and satellite navigation as standard equipment. MP3/iPod connector is an optional extra, as is CD Multi changer.

The adjustable seats are made from lightweight material and can be upholstered in leather (as an option).


The body shell of the Farboud GTS is constructed from revolutionary carbon fibre composite. This lightweight construction gives added strength without additional weight, creating a safe, modern structure.


  • GTS: 0 - 60 mph 4.9 seconds
  • Supercharged GTS: 0 - 60 mph 3.8 seconds
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