• Fast 8 Shows Off "Ice Cars" For Iceland Location

There’s plenty of cars to go around for Domenic Toretto and the gang

Since it was announced that Fast 8 would have segments of the movie filmed in Iceland, a lot of people have wondered if the production team would have a specific set of cars for Dominic Toretto and his motley crew. It took a few months, but now we have an answer. The menu of cars that will apparently be used includes a highly modified Dodge ‘Ice’ Charger that looks to have had better days judging by the production photos and a suspension-juiced Rally Fighter that appears to have been set up to tackle the icy conditions.

Suffice to say, the roster of cars is as varied as anything we’ve seen from the Fast & Furious franchise. Obviously, Toretto (Vin Diesel) will be behind the wheel of the Ice Charger, as is with Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) in the Rally Fighter. Other than those two cars, the vehicle lineup also includes a pair of military vehicles – the Ice Ram and the Ripsaw – and an out-of-its element Lamborghini Murcielago that will be driven by the team’s automotive Liberace, Roman Pierce (Tyrese Gibson).

It certainly not surprising that one of the military vehicles will be driven by Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) given his penchant for going for the biggest and most badass ride he can get his hands on. And as far as Tej (Ludacris) is concerned, he’s going to control the Ripsaw, a developmental unmanned light tank. Considering that, don’t be surprised if Tej, being the tech guy of the group, finds a way to control the Ripshaw from a safe distance.

The lineup of cars is definitely eclectic, though that sounds like a conservative observation. Then again, it’s not like the franchise hasn’t set a precedent for going a tad overboard with the cars that have been used in the past seven movies. After all, this is the same franchise that thought it was physically believable to launch a Lykan Hypersport from one building to another…and another.

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Why it matters

 Fast 8 Shows Off "Ice Cars" For Iceland Location
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When you’re a franchise that becomes as big as Fast & Furious, it becomes a lot easier to take liberties with realism. The franchise has shown that it’s willing to bend conventional thinking for the sake of shock and awe, and it appears that we’re going to continue to see more of the same with Fast 8. Lord knows exactly how Hobbs and Tej will get their hands on the two military vehicles, but I’m leaving those questions for the pragmatists.

I’ve watched the franchise long enough to know never the question the realism of the story. I know the franchise makes its money with the kind of cars it uses, along with how the cars are used in the movies. Case in point: I don’t remember the plot of Fast 5, but I do know that a great deal of time was spent on those modified Dodge Chargers pulling a bank vault in the streets. Realistic? Hell no. Visually appealing? Hell yes.

Personally, I don’t know how these cars are going to be used in Iceland other than some will probably be involved in some kind of car chase. The bullet holes on the Ice Charger gives that away. But other than that, I’m up to see whatever kind of stunt Fast 8 has in store for us. Hell, if that Lamborghini Murcielago somehow finds itself doing icy donuts in a frozen lake, I wouldn’t count it out because that’s the world that the Fast & Furious franchise has created for itself.

We’re not invited to think too much about the complexities of the story. We just sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride from the comfort of our seats.

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