Before the release of the Fast and Furious in the cinema there are some rumors regarding its possible success. Everybody knows that for this kind of films, the artistic side is generally relative and its production is based mostly on the amount of money invested. The last film in this series was pretty good in terms of visual, lots of expensive cars being part of the scenery.

Chances that the history repeats also in the 4ht part of the film are really big. You will sure see new cars but many of them inspired from the trilogy, in order to bring back memories from the last series. Exclusively you will be able to admire the Nisaan Skyline R34, which will be driven by Paul Walker. There will be distributed in the movies also cars like Nissan GT-R Mine’s, some drift vehicles, a Cayman Techart GT- Street, a BMW M5 E39. So it will sure worth the experience of watching it!

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AK47  (1024) posted on 04.29.2008

The story may be cheesy, but the cars are worth it. Lets hope there is a better director than John Singleton this time. Tokyo Drift had the dumbest storyline of them all but the stunts were well choreographed and directed.

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