• Fast And Furious R34 Nissan Skyline GT-R Stolen

There have been some pretty memorable Skyline GT-Rs in the Fast and the Furious family of movies. From the yellow R33 nicknamed “Big Bird” in the original to the Tomei powered R34 that Paul Walker drove in Miami and you can even consider the RB26DETT powered Mustang that drifted in Tokyo. Unfortunately for the movie studios that hold onto those cars, there are people in this world who take things that don’t belong to them.

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That is exactly what happened to the beautiful blue R34 that Paul Walker drove in the latest Fast and the Furious film. Even worse than lifting another man’s GT-R, is that the bumbling thieves managed to bump into a BMW and scratch a classic Studebaker Silverhawk in the process. The heavily modified Nissan Skyline GT-R was stolen from the warehouse where the film company was keeping it stored in between promotional public appearances.

The owner of the storage facility, Chris Milano, is offering a reward for any information leading to the stolen movie car’s recovery. It shouldn’t be long before the car is recognized if the luckiest thieves in the world are foolish enough to enjoy their booty.

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  (289) posted on 05.15.2009

The GT-BNR34 (R34) Skyline GT-R and GT-R V-spec models were released in January 1999. The R34 GT-R was also made to be shorter (from front to rear), and the front wheels were made closer to the front. The valve covers were also painted glossy red, rather than dull black

  (421) posted on 05.15.2009

That sounds bad for the Fast and the Furious. Sure that GT-R will not be lost forever!

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