Fast 8 trailer drops on December 11

The eighth installment of the Fast & Furious franchise is shaping up to be the biggest movie of the series and you can be sure that the people behind the movie are going to milk the hype for all it’s worth. That’s a big reason why Fast 8’s first official trailer is once again getting its own teaser. That’s how sophisticated movie marketing has become; trailers getting their own teasers have become par for the course for blockbusters as big as Fast 8.

The teaser itself doesn’t show a lot because it’s not a traditional one. It mostly focuses on the movie’s five long-standing stars – Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, Tyrese Gibson, Michelle Rodriguez, and Ludacris – each talking about the franchise’s roots, how far it has come, and the central ethos that lies at the heart of the F&F universe: family.

You might think that it’s a PSA of some kind, especially after the highly publicized beef between Diesel and Johnson, the two cornerstones of the franchise. The good news is that the Fast 8 stars also did a good job setting up the table on what we can expect from both the trailer and the movie. Diesel even calls the movie “our most ambitious, most entertaining, fastest, and most furious ride yet.”

History says that we can thank his word for it, but only time will tell if Diesel is tone true. In the meantime, we can all wait for December 11 and catch the first official trailer of Fast 8. Some snippets from the teaser have shown some pretty interesting scenes, including what appears to be a heel turn from Domenic Torreto. Could it be that he turns bad?

Fast 8 hits theaters on April 14 and there’s already growing momentum that this could very well be the biggest one yet.

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Fast 8 looks to be interesting, to say the least

Am I the only one who thinks Fast 8 is already excessively self-promoting? I mean, there are so many aspects about the movie that’s already been promotied. It’s the first movie without Paul Walker; It’s got no less than Charlize Theron and Dame Hellen Mirren joining the fold; And, there’s that supposed beef between Diesel and Johnson that literally took the Internet by storm.

On top of all that, the movie is also going to new locations this time around, leaving behind the confines of Los Angeles to go to New York, Cuba, and Iceland. Manhattan appears to be the climactic setting of the movie and while production did shoot some scenes in Cleveland to act as stand-ins for the Big Apple, the behind-the-scenes look included in the teaser shows a good deal of urban carnage that the Fast & Furious franchise has become quite famous for.

From what we’ve seen so far, there’s a lot to get excited about the eighth installment of the F&F movies. I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself here, but it also appears to be that we’re in store for the first major swerve in the history of the franchise since Paul Walker’s Brian O’Connor character outed himself as a cop to Vin Diesel’s Domenic Torretto. Could it be that Torreto himself is going back to the dark side and teaming up with the movie’s reported baddie, Charlize Theron?

At the very least, that kind of swerve is going to inject some serious life back into the franchise as it gears up for the last two installments.

Okay, now I’m excited. Are you?

Source: Twitter - Fast & Furious

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