• Fastest Blindfolded Driver on Earth World Record Challenge Will Take Place This July

There are some world records that we considered ridiculous, bordering even to the insane. But there are records that really hold their own weight and being the "fastest blindfolded driver on Earth" certainly is one of them. Extreme Motorsport seems to think so too, which is why the company is now on the hunt for anybody looking to take on this challenge and in the process stamp their names into the record books.

As part of its proposal, Extreme Motorsport will provide challengers with a souped-up Ferrari 458 Challenge Race Car that these people will drive blindfolded as fast as they can over a one-mile distance within a given time. The objective is to beat the current world record held by Mike Newman, who set the bar while driving 186.12 mph in a Porsche 911 GT2 last September.

That might seem like an easily attainable record given that the 458 Challenge can hit speeds in excess of 200 mph, but once you factor in the element of being blindfolded, then it gets a lot trickier. Nevertheless, Extreme Motorsport is pushing through with the challenge, inviting anybody who is game enough to try and re-write history.

The company has even chosen the Elvington Airfield in York, England where the record attempts are going to take place, specifically a two-mile stretch of the airport’s runway that’s flatter, longer, and wider than the Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground where Newman set the current record with the 911 GT2.

The challenge has been set for July this year, giving interested challengers enough time to gumption up the wits to try and break Newman’s record. As added incentive, the entire event will be filmed by Verve Productions, chronicling the the lives and preparations of the would-be challengers in the days leading up to the event, all the way to the record-setting attempts.

Should there still be trepidation among those interested in attempting to drive blindfolded, they can at least take comfort knowing that there will be a comprehensive training program that will be part of the event under the guidance of former F1 driver and the original Stig himself, Perry McCarthy.

Having said all that, if you’re still interested in becoming the fastest blindfolded driver on the planet, now’s your chance to tell Extreme Motorsport that you want to be a part of it. You need to at least be an experienced driver over 21 with a current driving license. For more details, head over to Extreme Motorsport’s website for all of the details and to apply for the record-breaking event.

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Why It Matters

Fastest Blindfolded Driver on Earth World Record Challenge Will Take Place This July
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Like we said, this record isn’t like one of those run-of-the-mill attempts that’ll get you more laughs than applause. Not only does this attempt take a high level of training and preparation, but it’s also pretty dangerous in its own right. So whoever takes this up and succeeds will have a whole lot of reasons to be proud of having their name in the record books.

Source: Extreme Motorsport

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Press Release

Do you want to be the Fastest Blindfolded Driver on Earth?

Extreme Motorsport are seeking a group of people to take on an extreme challenge ’ The Fastest Car Driven Blindfolded World Record’, which will take place in July this year.

The current world record is held by Mike Newman who achieved a credible 186.12mph in a Porsche 911 GT2 on 24th September 2013.

To achieve a new world record Extreme Motorsport are providing a group of challengers with a 200+mph Ferrari 458 Challenge Race Car. The challenge is to drive the Ferrari (Blindfolded) as fast as possible over a one mile distance in opposite directions within a given time.

The average speed over both runs are calculated and if it is faster than 186.12mph you will become the Fastest Blindfolded Driver on Earth! Full training and the challenge will take place over two days and is led by an ex F1 Racing Driver & the Original BBC Top Gear Stig, Perry McCarthy.

Extreme Motorsport spokesperson said, we have chosen a 2 mile runway at Elvington Airfield in York, for the challenge, as it is longer, wider and flatter than the Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground where Mike Newman achieved the current world record. There are no buldings, notrees, or anything else to crash into at Elvington Airfield, plus there is a large training tarmac area on the left of the runway.

The Ferrari 458 Challenge Race Car is a perfect car for the challenge with all the safety devices expected from a race car, it is also faster than the Porsche GT2, so with a longer distance to get up to speed and a longer braking distance, we are certain that one of our challengers will walk away with a new world record.

The challenge mentor and head coach Perry McCarthy will lead the training and will be driving another Ferrari behind the blindfolded challengers, while they compete for a record title. He will be in constant contact with the blindfolded drivers via a pro-comms system within his and the challenger’s crash helmets.

Using a military method for driving at night with the lights off, LEFT/CLICK RIGHT/CLICK with each CLICK command being a small turn of the steering wheel, this will guide the challengers through the one mile zone as straight as possible. An independent adjudicator will be present to verify the challenge and the evidence will be submitted to the Guinness World Records.

The world record challenge is being filmed by Liz Tucker CEO of Verve Productions a BAFTA award winning TV production company, who will follow the challengers progress and hopefully see the record being broken a few times over the two days of the challenge.

If you want to be considered for the world record challenge, you need to be an experienced driver over 21 with a current driving licence. Each challenger will need to pay a modest entrance fee which can be through sponsorship, all details upon request.

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