The Father’s day is near by and finding a gift might be a very hard job. This is why we spend like an hour looking over the internet and finding for you some of the greatest gift. We try to keep them under $25, so is for sure you will find in here something for your wallet!

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Racing Tire Alarm Clock $9.95, you can find it here

It’s always "race time" with this clever clock! Automotive buffs and race fans alike will delight at the sight of this playful timepiece, shaped just like a stacked pair of beefy dragster tires. Handy alarm function helps you get an early start to zoom through your day.

Gear Shift Pen With Stand $24.95, you can find it here

Kick your writing into high gear with this handsome pen stand crafted from chrome and finely polished Italian wood.

Father's day car gifts ideas
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BodyGard 5-in-1 Emergency Tool  $19.95, find it here

The BodyGard is the Rolls-Royce of keychain emergency tools. The two essential tools are the seat belt cutter and door glass breaker. The BodyGard also includes a sonic alarm, led flashlight, and distress flasher (bright red flashing light).

Wheels Key Holder $ 24.95, find it here

Everyone loses their keys from time to time... and always at the most inopportune moment! The "wheels" wall mounted key holder not only takes care of that old bugaboo, but will also add a little elegance to your decourm wherever you mount it. The key holder unit features quality British construction and a brilliant polished chrome finish. This is the perfect gift for any car enthusiast... or for that matter, anyone that is always looking for the "damb keys".

Father's day car gifts ideas
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Sound Activated Key Finder with Microlight $14.95, find it here

This sound activated key finder is so high-tech, it’s nearly impossible to lose! Just clap your hands to set off this gadget’s special anti-loss device. The sound activated key finder sets off a series of beeps that will guide you to its location-and your car, house or office keys. Also features a long-lasting, super bright LED mini-light that illuminates door and auto keyholes in the dark.

DocuDent Auto Accident Kit $14.95, find it here

The DocuDent is a patented auto accident kit that contains all of the essential items you’ll need if you’re involved in an auto accident. It includes handy forms to fill out, a tape measure, camera, pen, and a whistle.

Father's day car gifts ideas
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Driver Pockets Driver Organizer $7,99, find it here

Keep your eyes on the road and your glasses within reach in our driver organizer by Talus. Compact storage is perfect for small items keeping them convenient yet out of the way. Travel organizer make a great cell phone cradle.

4 in 1 Car Mate Deluxe $19.95, find it here

You will not want to be on the road without this multi-tasking marvel! Turns your cars cigarette lighter into a handy mobile power station, providing two 12-volt accessory/lighter outlets, a super-bright map light with on/off switch, and an air-purifying ionizer that keeps your car smelling fresh and clean.

Father's day car gifts ideas
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Whistle Key Finder Key Chain with Voice Recorder, Parking Timer and Microlight  $19.95, here

The Whistle Key Finder Key Chain comes equipped with everything you need to find your lost keys from a voice recorder, parking timer and microlight. This "smart" key finder key chain has a built-in beeper that responds to your whistle; just follow the beeps to find your misplaced keys. Features 10-second voice recorder, LCD clock with countdown function and ultra-bright white LED utility light.

Emergency Cell Phone Charger by totes $14.95, here

Emergency Cell Phone Charger by totes works with Motorola, Nokia, Sony Eriksson, Samsung & LG phones. Just 3 minutes of hand-cranking provides up to 30 minutes of emergency talk time. Needs no power source.

And of course do not forget about our free coloring book!

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