Another innovative leap atop the 2019 Ram’s 12-inch screen

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles’ interior designers are apparently obsessed with screens. A patent filing was just made public of an innovative dashboard design with three individual screens – one for the gauge cluster, the middle for the infotainment, and the right presumably for co-driving information. This comes after FCA’s recent debut of the 2019 Ram 1500 and its 12-inch, portrait-oriented infotainment screen in higher-end trims. Unfortunately, the three-screen filing with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office had very little description or information about the dash or its intended use.

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FCA Has Filed a Patent for a Three-Screen Dashboard
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The passenger-side screen almost appears to depict off-road terrain, speed, and ancillary gauges for vehicle information

Speculation on what vehicle(s) will utilize the dash is fueled by the rough images seen on the screens. The passenger-side screen almost appears to depict off-road terrain, speed, and ancillary gauges for vehicle information. The information is similar to what Baja and Rally teams use during races as the co-driver calls out obstacles ahead and monitors vehicle systems. As such, perhaps the new Wagoneer and/or Grand Wagoneer might have a three-dash layout.

Holistically, the dash design seems fitted to a cab-forward vehicle like a minivan, thanks to the steeply angled knee pads and its short top. Perhaps this will be used in the Chrysler Pacifica’s mid-cycle refresh. Conversely, the patent filing’s brief description does say the broken (dotted) lines represent portions of the drawings that are not included in the three-screen patent. That means everything surrounding the screens might be merely a placeholder.

2019 Ram 1500 Interior
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Note: Ram 1500’s 12-inch, portrait-oriented infotainment screen

Regardless of the facts, it is clear automakers are getting serious about including touchable technology in vehicles. The proliferation of the Internet of Things and society’s growing dependence on instant and constant connectedness is pushing the boundaries of where high-end technology can be located.


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