A four-wheeler is very practical; a two-wheeler makes you look cool in front of the girls; a three-wheeler can be an alternative; but what about a six-wheeler, or more? We know there are lots of people out there that are looking for an alternative to their everyday ride and, why not; models with more wheels can be the right choice.

If you are one of those guys and want to stay in touch with all the news available for these kinds of vehicles, we have found a pretty cool website that provides them: SixMania. It’s true, the site is written mostly in French, but that’s what Google Translate is for, right?

The website offers details on lots of models and all the crazy things people do in them, but also presents the creators of the vehicles. This site features all sorts of cool news and even cooler videos; we definitely suggest taking some time out to take a look at it.


Source: sixmania.fr

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