Look away if your stomachs are weak

If you have a weak stomach for cars getting destroyed, you might want to turn your heads away now. If you’re still here, then this is the kind of video that’s going to make you cringe. The subject of the video is a Ford Focus RS. It’s clearly seen better days, but it still looks in good enough shape to be salvaged. Unfortunately, it only takes a few seconds for the narrative to flip on this unsuspecting Focus RS as a junkyard crane uses its claws to crush it, pick it up, and drop it in a garbage container.

It’s unclear why the Focus RS had to suffer this horrible fate, but my best guess is that this particular example may have been a prototype or a test car of some kind. Regardless, seeing it get treated that way is jarring, especially considering how popular the Focus RS has become in its segment.

To make things worse, a Ford Focus ST Estate shows up towards the end of the video after getting slammed to the ground by a forklift. It had no license plates like the Focus RS that came before it, so you can probably make a guess on where it’s headed too. Either way, it’s a sad day to be a Ford Focus fan. As popular as the model has become, it apparently isn’t immune to getting treated like scrap metal.


Ford Focus RS

2016 Ford Focus RS High Resolution Exterior
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2016 Ford Focus RS – Driven Exterior High Resolution
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