Felipe Massa is doing OK but Ferrari is still looking for fresh talent

uring an interview with the German newspaper Die Welt, Ferrari Team Principal Stefano Domenicali admitted it is Ferrari’s fault it is currently effectively a one-car operation led by Kimi Raikkonen following the injury sustained in Hungary by Felipe Massa.

Contrary to many other major teams which run a young drivers programme with the aim of eventually selecting and promoting them to Formula One, Ferrari has no such structure in place.

With Felipe Massa taken out of the medium-term picture by his head wound, the Italian team could not fall back on younger talent and offer them an opportunity behind the wheel of a Ferrari F60.

Instead, Michael Schumacher was asked to step in after nearly three years of retirement, but could not because of a neck injury. Long-time Ferrari test driver Luca Badoer was then given the race seat, but after a decade away from active Grand Prix participation, his last-place results might see him replaced after only two races.

Although the team’s other test driver, the 24 Hours of Le Mans-winning Marc Gene, is a possibility, speculation is also running high that Force India driver Giancarlo Fisichella might be temporarily brought aboard.

Other names are circulating as well, but it all comes down to the lack of a Ferrari young drivers programme to count on.

"Yes, that is a weak point of ours," Domenicali commented to Die Welt, referring to the team’s need to turn to the struggling Badoer.

"In the last years Ferrari missed the opportunity to install a young driver programme, but we are going to work on that," the Italian announced.

Massa hungary


Luca Badoer

Fernando Alonso

after his amazing performance at Spa Giancarlo

set up a junior development program in case this happens in the future

winning grand prixs is so important that they are willing to invest a tremendous amount just so that they will be prepared when the next big tragedy strikes


OK from Miami for Felipe

Maranello, 1st September 2009 – It was a long day yesterday for Felipe Massa, seen by doctors. The Ferrari driver flew to Miami on Sunday for some important check ups carried out by Professor Stephen Olvey, Head of the Jackson Memorial Hospital Neuroscience Intensive Care Unit.

The checks (neurometric and impact tests, cognitive capacity tests) all had a positive outcome, just like the eye exam: everything is in order for Felipe to get back to racing. Now there has just to be carried out some plastic surgery at the brain box, where the spring at the accident at the Hungaroring hit his helmet. The surgery will take place in the upcoming days. After a short convalescence Felipe can then gradually start with physical preparations.

"I’m very happy about the results," Felipe told the official Ferrari website before boarding the plane back to Sao Paulo. "After the small surgery in the next days I can finally start to go to the gym to get back into shape and drive some tests in karts. On the track with a Formula 1 single-seater? Let’s take it step by step: at the moment I’m concentrating on taking up physical activities, which is a great step forward."

Naturally the results were received with great joy and satisfaction at Maranello with the prospect to be able to count on Felipe 100% for the start of the next racing season.

Source: F1 Live

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  (137) posted on 09.5.2009

When Ferrari says doing OK...it only refers to Massa. but not for the racing championship at stake...I guess they will really try to draft new man on the seat to seal their opportunity in the F1

  (137) posted on 09.5.2009

This means Ferrari needs to change the way they look at their team in a better light. This only means that they trust so much with who’s on the streering wheels and now what’s under the hood. This is sad.

  (289) posted on 09.5.2009

Long term projection means alot for Ferrari...especially if they really want to keep their stable capable of bringinng out teh best in their car technology. The sad thing of course it that they are left with no choice now but to look for a replacement.

  (116) posted on 09.5.2009

Felipe is one Ferrari’s prolific drivers. He finished second in the 2008 Drivers’ World Championship, and is under contract to race for Scuderia Ferrari until the end of the 2010 season.With Felipe Massa being out, Ferrari is now out to find a replacement or else they are forever loosing the tracks despite their good technology and cars.

  (318) posted on 09.5.2009

This will definitely point out to the lack of long term planning and projection that the Ferrari has done. It reflects how they co so much on big names and forgot to trust their own product. It just sad that now they have to admit they need someone to fill the seat.

  (314) posted on 09.5.2009

That indeed in a question...does doing OK means doing FINE and does doing fine means doing GOOD for the Ferrari? I guess not. I means they need to market someone new,someone better, someone fresh...hope they do find one soon. Besides its what they lacked to secure in the very begining...training upcomers for the seat.

  (421) posted on 09.5.2009

What does doing OK mean? Does mean he is just fine but... or does it mean he is not performing inspite his efforts. Ferrari really wants to steal the crown from Mclaren once and for all not by an old timer but with a new winner.

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