The Fenomenon Stratos is a concept car unveiled in 2005 at the Geneva Motor Show. The engine is an inline V8, with 425 hp, while the body uses carbonfibre on an aluminium and carbonfibre chassis. The model was milled and constructed by the French prototype company D3, using normal show car methods based on Alias surface data.

And even if it’s two years old car, we wanted to remind you how it looks like. So, enjoy the video!

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  (5) posted on 09.11.2007

kinda reminds me of a squashed lambo, mixed with the Saab Aero-X’s pit, SL 300 doors, but wtf is an inline v8? Inline 8 is inline 8, and V8 is V8, I suppose you wanted to say v8? cause straight 8s don’t exist due to the impracticality...

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