Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa debut the Formula Rossa roller coaster

For two people who make a living racing cars at speeds that sometimes exceed 170 mph, you would think that riding a roller coaster would be like a walk in the park.

Turns out, Ferrari drivers Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa still have trepidations on riding coasters, especially one that boasts of being the fastest of its kind in the world.

The two Ferrari drivers got a chance to break out the Formula Rossa roller coaster at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi a day before the final race of the 2010 Formula One season at the Yas Marina racing circuit, a race where Alonso failed to win the Driver’s title, losing out to Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel.

Previewing the roller coaster proved to be a big task for the two, especially Massa, who somehow couldn’t contain his nervousness before the ride shot off at 150 mph. And after a scintillating start that saw the faces of both drivers get contorted due to the speed of the ride, Alonso and Massa eventually settled down and seemed to enjoy the whole experience of Ferrari World’s main attraction.

Judging from the looks on their faces – and their wind-blown hairs, for that matter – it seems safe to suggest that Formula Rossa is going to be as good as advertised, maybe even better than what we’ve been led to believe.


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  (1211) posted on 11.17.2010

haha...i think their just acting but deep inside they want to vomit...lol!

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