• Ferrari 250 TR crashes into tire wall at Laguna Seca

Our friends at Autoblog were fortunate – or unfortunate, depending on how you can stomach a multi-million dollar car getting gslammed in a tire wall– to capture a staggeringly expensive Ferrari 250 TR run a few laps at the Laguna Seca Speedway.

For those who don’t have any idea just how expensive a Ferrari 250 TR really is, consider that just a few months ago, one such model was sold at an auction for over $12 million dollars, making it the most expensive car in history. So you’d expect that the owner of this particular 250 TR would be extra careful running it around Laguna Seca’s notorious track, maybe take it out for a leisurely cruise in front of gawking spectators.

Apparently, the owner had other ideas in mind. Whether or not he was just showing off his car or he completely lost his mind, the tore up the track and ended up ramming his $8 million dollar ride into a tire wall. We’re beyond speechless.

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If the $8 million price tag isn’t enough to make this harder to stomach, this particular Ferrari, the 250 TR, is one of only 21 ever built in like, ever.

Fortunately, the owner of that car should – theoretically – have more than enough dough to pay for detailing and restore the car back to its former priceless state. And once he does that, here’s a bit of advice that he may
find a tad helpful:

Don’t do that again!

Source: Autoblog

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  (314) posted on 08.18.2009

The car doesnt seem to be a total wreak after all. However this scene is something we still would not want to see or to happen at all, but well being the most expensive doesn’t make it the most safe to drive in the end...its all about the image the the legacy made in the years.

  (421) posted on 08.18.2009

I could just imagine how the owner of this overrated Ferrari priced possession, succumb to that feeling or remorse and resignation after crashing his Ferrari. That could not only be painful physically but emotionally and of course financially after some needed repairs.

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