• Ferrari 360 Modena crashes and burns but the driver walks away O.K.

Like a set of dental records are used to identify a badly charred body, the only thing that is left from this Italian super car that is now a pile of molten metal is a lone five spoke alloy wheel with a little yellow prancing horse emblem in the center to let onlookers know that it was one a Ferrari 360 Modena. Apparently the 32 year old driver was enjoying a spirited country drive with an older female riding shotgun when he unexpectedly lost control in a swooping bend and then flipped over multiple times before landing in a crop field and then bursting into flames, however unlike the other Ferrari 360 incident that we reported on earlier, this time all that the driver walked away with was a broken ankle.

Ferrari 360 Modena crashes and burns but the driver walks away O.K.
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Thanks to the quick actions of a benevolent motorist who happened to be passing by just after the accident occurred and then courageously pulled both the driver and 37 year old passenger from the wreckage before they were harmed by the fire. The passengers were then treated by firefighters on the scene of the accident as they waited for paramedics. The driver only suffered a broken right ankle while the female was air lifted to the hospital with pelvic wounds however her condition was not life threatening. Had it not been for the quick acting passerby, the Ferraristas would have certainly suffered a more tragic fate. The 360 Modena involved in the incident was a 1999-2000 model that originally sold for around $150,000 and was the first production Ferrari to make use of extremely light weight aluminum and carbon fiber construction that made it an extremely agile sports car, but also a highly flammable automobile.


Source: Daily Mail

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  (516) posted on 02.3.2010

You seriously just have to ask on how (thankfully though) they have managed to crawl out of this crash after the looks of what’s left over. I have to wonder though on why did it burst into flames?

  (1022) posted on 10.9.2009

It may have been the first Ferrari to use an all aluminium chassis but the Honda NSX was the first car ever to have that. Ferrari copied Honda after it got embaressed by the NSX.

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