There are many ways of adding some appeal to your car. You can have the exterior painted in a matte finish, buy a new set of 22-inch rims, or even just upgrade your car’s sound system and maybe add a couple of TV’s here and there. And if your car happens to be a Ferrari F430, chances are you don’t need to do a lot of upgrading anymore.

Apparently, the owner of this yellow F430 figured that having the ultimate status symbol – a Ferrari badge - at the hood of his car wasn’t enough to draw attention to his vehicle. So he did – what he thought – was the next big thing. The man customized the entire interior of his car in leather. And it’s not just your typical fine leather, the man used crocodile leather! The entire interior – the dashboard, the steering wheel, the seats, central column, and even the roll bars have all been given a full crocodile leather treatment.

We figured that the man was trying to come up with a way to pimp up his ride in a way no one has done before. Mission accomplished, bud. As far as we’re concerned, it’s not exactly a sight for sore eyes. But it’s definitely an acquired taste.


Source: GT Spirit

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