• Ferrari 458 Goes Airborne At Road America: Video

If you ever needed any indication of how much safety has improved in race cars over the years, just check out this spectacular crash that recently took place at Road America. During the fourth round of the CCR Forza Tifosi Challenge racing series, two drivers (Jim Booth and Steve Hill) were battling hard for position, when Hill’s No. 33 Ferrari F430 made contact with Booth’s No. 13 Ferrari 458 Italia with frightening results.

The collision came as the two drivers raced toward the track’s turn 5 at speeds in excess of 150 mph, and the No. 13 clips the front end of Booth’s car, getting it airborne for about 400 feet before making contact with the catch fence. Now, the racing series “forbids car-to-car contact,” so it was very likely that it was an honest mistake. It’s amazing that even with the sheer violence of this impact with the catch fence, Booth was able to get out and walk away on his ow,n only suffering minor injuries.

Perhaps equally impressive as the safety of both the car and the track is the ruggedness of the cameras mounted on the outside of Booth’s Ferrari. According to the video poster, the footage was shot using a GoPro Hero 4, and this could easily be a commercial for the strength of these cameras. Not only is the collision caught from numerous angles, but the rear-facing camera on Booth’s car actually stays in place while the front-mounted camera skips down the track continuing to record the devastation.

Stay safe out there, and always check your blind spots!

2010 Ferrari 458 Italia

2010 Ferrari 458 Italia
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