We don’t know about you, but we’re the type who can’t get enough of Ferrari’s new stallion, the 458 Italia. While the car is still a few weeks away from being officially unveiled, the spy shots, renderings, and even videos of the car we’ve seen have done little to satiate our appetite.

But until the Frankfurt Motor Show arrives, we’re just going to have to make do with what we have. That being said, we have another video of the 458! Yipee!

This time, the supercar was seen driving near the Ferrari headquarters when it was captured on video by one Marco Bronzetti. Judging from what our man saw, the 458 Italia – which, by the way, is still camouflaged from the front to the rear - looks primed and ready for its world debut at Frankfurt.

It may be by bits and pieces, but until Frankfurt arrives, we’ll make do with any sort of footage we can get of the 458 Italia.


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  (182) posted on 08.30.2009

Until the Frankfurt Motorshow, it seems that we would be flooded with more teasers and spy shots. At least we would have an idea of what we should look forward to!

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