When anyone first looks at the images provided, it would be really easy to venture a guess that this particular Ferrari 458 Italia owner just couldn’t wait for the Spyder version to debut. Unfortunately, the reality of this crash is much more tragic.

A right-hand drive 458 Italia in the UK got into a little altercation with a truck and apparently, the fire department had to remove the roof to free the driver. Up until now, we can chalk this up to driver error, but it seems the driver of the Ferrari suffered an aneurysm right before the crash and is currently in intensive care. He had received his Ferrari 458 Italia just a few hours earlier.

It’s really easy to blame the driver when beautiful models such as this are completely destroyed, but in this case, it’s a complete tragedy all around. After the series of fires that occurred with the 458 Italia when it first came out, we’re beginning to think that the car is cursed. Let’s just hope for all the Italia owners out there that this is not true.


Source: GT Spirit

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  (427) posted on 07.22.2011

I think this car cannot be repair anymore, look at what happened on the car. It was crashed badly. I agree it’s the driver’s fault. He is some kind of reckless he didn’t recognize that he will be hit by a truck.Too bad for him since his Ferrari is newly bought.

  (830) posted on 06.29.2011

I bet this thing is subjected to driver’s fault! With all the fire and crashed involving this car, it gives me a feeling not to buy any Italia car in a scared on accident like this.

  (398) posted on 06.29.2011

it really hurts my eyes seeing a crashed involving high end supercar! Too bad for this car that he has a reckless driver! Well, I don’t think that repairing the car is a good solution!

  (341) posted on 06.21.2011

Look closely guys, it was really a very unfortunate event. Millions of dollars spent just crashed in one day. Hopefully the owner of the car has recovered physically and mentally.

  (599) posted on 06.1.2011

@Driverdaughter, In behalf of this guys let me give my sincere apology. Actually, this accident is not new to everyone so definitely the first reaction was to blamed the driver. And come on, it was said that its a driver error why this thing in

  (579) posted on 05.31.2011

I feel sad for the owner of the car. If this was a driver’s error, then, why all of a sudden most cars like this had crashed? Come to think of it, what a total failure for 458 Italia. Let’s pray for the driver’s speed recovery. I am hoping that he’ll able to survive.

  (473) posted on 05.20.2011

Yeah. And is because if you are going to read the article it sounds like, all the fault
was in the driver. And we couldn’t blame this people for commenting such way..However, an accident for a sportscar has only one cause and its over speeding

  (553) posted on 05.19.2011

Freaking out in the times like this wouldn’t be a big help. You can’t push people to show concern about happened. Just accept that there are other some people that doesn’t care
at all.

  (1) posted on 05.19.2011

This is my fathers car, an aneurysm burst in his brain while driving, i hardly see that as driver negligence!!!! He has had ferraris for years and takes great care with them. He is critically ill in hospital so perhaps you ’jokers’ out there might want to think how his family feel before placing your ill informed comments on forums like this. As for the article itself I think the ’spyder’ joke is sick and as it’s been on many forums, not very original. A dear father, grandfather, brother, son is very very ill so show some respect!!!

  (427) posted on 05.19.2011

Most probably it would be the driver’s error. However, I agree with alrightbob, the air bags would at least it prevents the aneurysm in the driver due to hard impact. Hmm. I guess, the Ferrari should investigate on this one.

  (383) posted on 05.19.2011

Don’t tell me in this modern days, you guys are still believing in the power of curse? Well, there’s only one reason why it happens and needless to say but its because of negligence.

  (419) posted on 05.18.2011

Yeah you’re right. I really pity the guy. Not only does he need to shell out some cash for the hospital bills that he has, the repair works on this one aren’t going to be cheap either.

  (488) posted on 05.17.2011

Well, we probably have to just chalk this one up to those incidents where tons of bad luck gets to the driver. There are a lot of those cases happening.

  (530) posted on 05.16.2011

Ouch, this one is definitely a whammy. But we can’t really blame the driver here, since he suffered two mishaps, being attacked by aneurysm and slamming his car afterwards.

  (238) posted on 05.16.2011

Yeah, I am also thinking that the Italia is somewhat cursed. Just when we though we got over all those mishaps, this happens. Hope the driver recovers fully.

  (394) posted on 05.16.2011

Well, I agree that this is not the first time that we have read a news about a crashed on Italia! I don’t believe that it happen because of the cursed or something. We can’t blame anything but the driver himself and his negligence! I hope that he have learned from this tragedy!

  (419) posted on 05.16.2011

Oh no! That was a bad crashed! I can’t believe that he just have this car an hour earlier! Maybe too much excited. Well, it’s a good thing that there’s no fatal incident happened to the driver!

  (1) posted on 05.13.2011

I had thought that cars sold in the UK, (by law) had to have at least a drivers side airbag. Either it failed to deploy (shoddy italian construction) or it was never installed. Very strange.

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