Ferrari 458 Italia Destroyed in fire in London

It seems that August is not a good month for the new Ferrari 458 Italia. There were three incidents reported during these past weeks alone and today another one was reported. This incident saw the Ferrari’s life come to a fiery end at a cargo warehouse at the London Heathrow airport.

The Ferrari was a Giallo Modena Ferrari 458 Italia with a custom made Dolce & Gabbana interior created for an Arabian customer. The biggest concern for this particular incident is who’s footing the bill for such a catastrophic event. Apparently, the Ferrari was going to be transported, but never made the trip due to the fire at the warehouse. Read the following paragraph where the pointing of the fingers begins.

"Under Article 18 of the Convention the carrier is liable for damage to cargo which occurs during the period defined by the Convention as ’carriage by air’. Carriage by air is defined as ’the period during which the cargo is in the charge of the carrier, whether in an airport or on board an aircraft’. The Air Waybill on which the Ferrari car was consigned shows the gross weight of 1,650 kilos and consequently our client’s liability is limited to 31,350 Special Drawing Rights (approximately US $ 46,994.70). We would be obliged if all future correspondence concerning this matter could be addressed to us at the above address quoting our reference."

Check out the video to see the car before and after the fire, and while you’re at it, comment on who you think should pay for the damages.

Video after the jump.

Source: GT Spirit

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sscfan989  (3) posted on 08.25.2010

well, happens with mad people driving ferraris around the world

sscfan989  (7) posted on 08.24.2010

The car owner is a Saudi...
The Cargo company is Emirates...
I would assume the owner is a prince..

It hurts... I’m hurt damn it! it’s losing a son smiley

My god this Ferrari has a very bad karma!!!!

sscfan989  (367) posted on 08.19.2010

Another addition to the list or destroyed 458 Italia.

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