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    Ferrari 458 Polizia 2010 - [Concept Design]
    I made just a quick police concept for this new Ferrari 458 italia with some italian police details on it..i could do the bodywork... but time didn't let me...hate school sometimes .. ooh well! It was a great try-out experience with Photoshop for my graphic portfolio. Hope you like the Italian police impression. If you like it.. please set some nice comments or Rate it. Enjoy! PS: And i'm not Italian, just like the police details! And yes i know .. the police LED STOP should be in reverse but it was a quick other police concept has the good stop sign so i know what you people mean.. Music: Carita La Niña & Alex Sandrino - Permission Granted (Original Mix) Site : Tags: Ferarri 548 italian police polizia lamborghini edition design concept made by soulcreative car vehicle auto team fan of cars photoshop tuning 2010 slideshow photos pictures world graphics designer art work portfolio autoblog Mix autovision top gear fastlanedaily drift crash skills Ferrari enzo fxx Ascari design GTB GTS M F355 Spider and 360 fifth gear autoblog need for speed carbon police chase state underground streetrace Japan Tokyo New York USA in Amsterdam spy pics undercover sound acceleration rear front first look drive gta grand theft auto motor fly by on italian pride future car Permission Granted Original Carita La Niña Alex Sandrino