Ferrari 458 Italia ringtones

Ferrari 458 Italia ringtones
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The upcoming Ferrari 458 Italia not only easy on the eyes, but it is also a delight to the ears. Being fully aware of this, the Italian automaker has now made it easier to bring both the sights and sounds of the F-430 replacement with you on your iPhone. Just by visiting the new mid engine supercar’s mini site you can gain access to all sorts of multimedia goodies for your intelligent mobile device. Aside from the high resolution backgrounds and screen savers, Ferrari is also offering five different sound files that will make for some very memorable ringtones.

The first audio file is entitled overtaking and it delivers the sound’s of the new 458’s 4.5 Liter V8 screaming all the way to redline along with the sounds of lesser vehicles on the circuit. The on the track file offers perhaps the best mix of what the future Italia is capable of, mixing in a healthy amount of engine noise, tire squeal and speed. The other ring tones being offered are entitled: acceleration, off the mark and on board. So if you can’t wait until Frankfurt to see the car undisguised and hear the all new V8 officially fired up for the first time then now you have something to hold you over, and the best part is that it’s free.

Click the link below to visit the Ferrari 458 Italia mini site.


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