Ferrari’s latest mid engine sports car was unveiled only a few weeks ago in Frankfurt and the renderings of modified 458 Italias haven’t stopped popping up. Ranging from an aftermarket inspired 458 by the Japanese design house ASI to a racing version and from an Italia spider to a police edition. However the latest of these digital drawings is more representative of something that the exotic Italian automaker will actually be producing sometime in the near future. The rendering was done by DJ at Teamspeed and gives us an official look at what a future factory tuned 458 Italia could look like.

Despite Ferrari CEO Amedeo Felisa dispelling any rumors about a Scuderia or Challenge Stradale version of their latest sports car, we can all dream about what it would be like to get behind the wheel of a hot rod 458 Italia. The car would weigh less, have more power and unthinkable as it maybe even sexier. Now there is no chance of seeing a super tuned 458 in the next year or so, Ferrari will most likely let the Italia’s steam run out before they invested heavily in a new high performance product that will revitalize the line. So when it does come to fruition, expect for the used 458 Italia market to be in full swing. The last unknown about a factory tuned 458 is exactly what the automaker would call it, rumors are flying around that in honor of the Scuderia’s die hard Formula One fans, it could be called Tifosi.


Source: Teamspeed

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BMWM6  (488) posted on 10.16.2009

if I didnt know better those look like the graphics on the GT5 game on the ps3

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