• Ferrari 458 Speciale Aperta Drag Races: Video

The 458 Speciale Aperta has a lot of exceptional traits going for it. Not only is it gorgeous to look at and blazingly quick to drive, it’s also got one helluva engine. Mounted just behind the cabin space is a 4.5-liter flat-crank V-8 that produces 597 horsepower and 398 pound-feet of torque, all without the benefit of forced induction. No snails on the exhaust manifold means it’ll rev all the up to 9,000 rpm, producing one of the loveliest exhaust notes to come from Maranello along the way.

Limited to just 499 units, this drop-top two-door is the most powerful NA V-8-motivated spider variant that Ferrari has ever produced, making it a rather rare find. Thankfully, the owner of this particular 458 Speciale Aperta saw fit to use the sports car properly, pitting it in a series of drag races against other high-end performance vehicles.

Going head-to-head from a dig with the stripey prancing horse, you’ll find a BMW i8, an Audi RS 4 Avant, a Nissan GT-R, and a Mk. IV Toyota Supra. By the look and sound of some of these cars, it’s pretty clear that there’s a bit extra lying under the hood, which comes in handy when challenging the Ferrari’s 0-to-60 time of less than three seconds.

After the races, there’s a brief taste of that sonorous Italian powerplant as it revs at a standstill with the camera parked just a few feet behind the dual exhaust. What do you think – is this proof of the 488’s inherent turbocharged inferiority?

Ferrari 458 Speciale Aperta

2015 Ferrari 458 Speciale A High Resolution Exterior
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With a name that means “open” in Italian, the 458 Speciale Aperta is essentially a spider version of the 458 Speciale that came before it. Impressively, the marque managed to maintain the sports car’s chassis rigidity without adding copious amounts of mass, with the Speciale A weighing only 110 pounds more than the hard-top. Top speed is rated at a sneeze under 200 mph, while each unit cost $285,000 before options.

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